Our Mission

Design is something everyone does. If you pay attention, you can find good and bad design everywhere.

Most design is done by people who do not call themselves designers. We’re excited (annoyed, surprised, or delighted) when we find interesting designs in the real world – and we’re sharing them with you here.

We capture observations, notes, complaints and redesigns of ordinary things. If we design these missives well, we’ll inspire you to notice more of the designs around you, and motivate you to change them for the better.

We are:

  • Scott Berkun
  • Jill Stutzman

This famous guy said it this way:

“All of us are designers. All that we do, almost all the time, is design, for design is basic to all human activity. ..

Any attempt to separate design, to make it a thing-by-itself, works counter to the fact that design is the primary underlying matrix of life. Design is composing an epic poem, executing a mural, painting a masterpiece, writing a concerto.

But design is also cleaning and reorganizing a desk drawer, pulling an impacted tooth, baking an apple pie, choosing sides for a backlot baseball game, and educating a child.”

– Victor Papanek, Design for the Real World

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