Making tipping easy to use

Years ago there was a trend on credit card tabs at restaurants to list a handy guide to tipping. This saved customers the trouble of having to do math, which I have to guess had a positive effect on how much of a tip people left.

That trend never caught on, but recently at a restaurant here in Seattle (Agave) I saw it again.

The one thing that is missing here is offering the total. Why only do half the math?

Instead of saying “15% = $14.55”, it should say “15% = $14.55 = 120.77”.

4 thoughts on “Making tipping easy to use

  1. Yes! I love/hate when they do this, without a total. I’ve never seen one with the total for some reason. Maybe even having a checkbox next to one? I hate the entire tipping process here, it’s absurd.

  2. Better still, pay the staff properly like they do in other civilised countries so we don’t have to tip at all. Everybody wins.

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