Smart placement

Placing the garbage can in close proximity to the door in a public bathroom has 2 benefits:

  1. Allows people to open the door handle with the paper towel they used to dry their hands after washing; thus preventing them from getting recontaminated.
  2. Easier access for the facilities folks for emptying the bin. The male janitor now does not even have to enter the women’s bathroom; making it so he doesn’t have to wait around for it to be unoccupied for him to do his job.


3 thoughts on “Smart placement

  1. Cool. A possible problem in this case though would be that opening the door (if it opens inwards) could cause it to hit the person throwing a paper to the bin at that moment.

    Even worse would be if the person was grabbing the paper towel from the floor in case he has missed the “throw”.

    Maybe it would be enough placing the bin far enough from the door🙂

    1. Good points. I think there might be a middle ground: put the garbage close to the door, but far enough away that anyone stopping to throw something out would be just fine. I also think most people wouldn’t need to stop and throw out their used paper towel, but can drop it in as they make their way to the door.

      Related to contamination: I’m always intrigued by the idea of foot pedals to operate sinks in public bathrooms, as your shoes are perfect interaction devices. But the learning costs of getting people to use foot pedals would be high (I believe systems like these are used in some hospitals and medical labs).

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