Typography takes over fast food joint

Typography takes center stage at PopBurger, in NYC.

Published by

Scott Berkun

Writer, Author of Mindfire: Big Ideas for Curious Minds, The Myths of Innovation, Making things Happen, & Confessions of a Public Speaker

One thought on “Typography takes over fast food joint”

  1. If this is anywhere NR #HOPE9 I guess it’ll be talked about on Justin TV .. http://www.justin.tv/radiostatler#/w/3417119456/15

    [RS] radio-statler is the admin for the 2600net IRChat channel ” #radio-statler ” which should be hotting up in a couple of hours after #hope on IRC gets a little livelier..

    Personally I thnk this just describes what’s necessary .. big B’s and G’s signify burgers, right Scott &Jill ???

    Thck Bamboo Picture Frames would ‘ave done the same job.

    12:43 UTC/GMT Saturday 14 July 2012

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